Part three in a series dealing with wisdom from Prov. 17-18, words and attitudes covered previously, relationships the topic today. Relationships that are wise have to have restraint and careful consideration of our words and actions. I will be their God and they will be my people, God said throughout the Bible. That is a relationship statement. He is looking for those who will honor Him and will take up that relationship with Him. Here are three concepts relating to building wise relationships. We have to be careful who we associate with. Proverbs does not suggest we be friends with everyone. We can still be friendly but some people will lead us in the wrong direction.

1. Social intelligence (16:7). Inclusive in this is moral intelligence, which is emphasized throughout the book, though that is not the focus of this lesson. This has to do with awareness, which has to be learned, has to be taught. Prov. 16:7 - "When a man's ways are pleasing to the Lord, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him." That is social intelligence. This is indicative of a person who rules his spirit rather than letting his spirit rule him. He is aware enough to know when a situation is not in a good place and who will quit before a quarrel breaks out. And, in the midst of conflict, having a lowly spirit. Humility is at the foundation of living life the way it should be lived.

2. Know your true friends, 17:17. This thought carries through chapter 19. There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. We have to be wise with the relationships we build and who we allow into our lives. We have to be friends with people who treat us with dignity. Several verses deal with offenses and the fact that a true friend may call you out when you are not acting as you should. And also that we are careful not to get offended too quickly. We need to get all the facts out about a situation before we over react. And, a brother offended is harder to win than than a fortified city - 18:19. If we have truly offended someone, we need to do something about that. And, true friends are friends through adversity.

3. Seek marriage thoughtfully, live marriage purposefully. 18:22. We need to understand that this person will be bound to me for all of my earthly existence. It’s critical to find the right person who will walk side by side with you through the peaks and valleys. And, once found, to live purposefully with that person. Continual griping and complaining by either spouse will lead to ruin. There is nothing better than a good marriage and nothing worse than a bad one. Finding the right person is not about hoping someone who is close to what you want will change. Yes, people can change but you cannot force these truths upon someone.

Living wisely with our words, our attitudes, and our relationships.

Seeing the promised land, Deut. 34:1-12.

The story of Moses is fascinating, his deliverance from death as a baby, his association with the royals of Egypt and then his choice to give that up to be with his people, God’s people. So he wanders for 40 years because God wasn’t ready for him yet, and then the calling comes through the burning bush. He approaches Pharaoh to release his people which eventually happens and they approach the promised land after years of wandering but he is not allowed to enter.

So Moses died even though he was still hale and hearty and no one knew where his body was to be found. So where is he now? His dream to enter the promised land was never realized but he is now in a much better place.

Psalm 106:24 - they despised the pleasant land.

Verse 21 says they forgot God and all the awesome things He did for them. God would have destroyed them had Moses not stood in the gap in their defense. But they despised the land, only Joshua and Caleb thought the land could be taken. What happened to the people?

They were not saying they hated the land. They despised it because they undervalued the presence and ability of Jehovah, they did not believe His word. They stopped trusting in Him.

And they lost sight of God’s splendid provision. They focused on obstacles, they focused on fear.

The story of Esau is very similar. Gen. 25:29-34. He despised his birthright. Yes, Jacob was conniving but he understood the spiritual benefit of the birthright. Esau did not.

The lesson? We must not despise the pleasant land, heaven. 2 Pet. 3:11, 13-15. Earth and everything therein will be burned up and that event will come as a thief in the night. So what type of people must we be then? We must be diligent to be found by Him in peace and in all holy conduct, spotless and blameless.


1. There are assurances, blessings and assistance in our journey. Psalm 107:30.

2. Our most intense desires will be fixed beyond. Psalm 108:1.

Is heaven our most intense desire? Do we truly believe that earth holds no treasures but perish with using, however precious they be, as we sing? Our pilgrimage here is very short and all the treasures of earth are only temporary.

Heaven holds all to me!!,

Joy without measure will be my treasure!

The way of wisdom

Psalm 105:17-22

The word of the Lord tested Joseph.


1. Do not get overly caught up in what’s happening now, keeping in mind Matt 6:34. Yes, we need to focus on today but not be so focused that we forget that God will one day remove all the physical world that we see today

2. Know that the development of a spiritual perspective requires effort and training, which is one of the reasons we are here today and one of the reasons we hold Bible studies; this training shows us how we ought to see the world and our place in it.

3. All of our best laid plans are subject to change. For sure, Joseph did not anticipate all of the things that happened to him. Many of us can probably say the same. There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip, an old English proverb.

Changing the world - we will look at some stories in scripture about people who did just that. Who changed the world more.....

1. Pharaoh or Joseph?

2. A later Pharaoh or Moses?

3. King Saul or David?

4. King Herod, or Jesus?

Do you see yourself as an individual who can change the world? You may not rise to any position of prominence ever but you can still change the world when you align yourself with the purposes and promises of God. God put you in the place you find yourself for a reason. Who knows what you will accomplish for Him? Don’t underestimate the impact you can have in changing the world.

James 4:17. A tough passage to be sure. “Therefore for him who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin.” So what is the context of this verse? Chapter 5 seems to have no impact on this but in the previous verses of chapter 4 he talks about presumptions we sometimes make without taking into account what God’s will may be. Our best laid plans are subject to change. Getting too forward ahead of ourselves is what causes worry usually.

Instead ask ourselves, what does serving God mean to me, right here, right now? Whatever the right thing is to do, do it now.

Look at Mark 14:8 and the story of Martha. Jesus said she has done what she could. So let’s do what we can, do the right thing, and let God take care of everything else. What she did wasn’t huge but we’re still learning from her 2000+ years later.

Rev. 17:14 - there will always be opposition to Jesus and His way, but He will triumph in the end.

What changes the world is being on the right side of history. God is at work just as He was in the very beginning when He made the world. He is still at work today. He wants to transform you and me and that is powerful.

Phil. 2:12-13... work out your salvation with fear and trembling.... for it is God who is at work in you both to will and to work for His good pleasure.

Looking at the world through the eyes of God. John 3:14-21. The interaction between Jesus and Nicodemus. May the Son of God be lifted up that whoever believes in Him may have eternal life...For God so loved the world that whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life.

We need to be greatly impressed with who Jesus is. John 3:17 - He who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.


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