A God of Surprises

Amazing grace revealed, the thief on the cross. Another story reflecting the grace of God is the transformation of the apostle Paul, Gal 1:11-24. 1 Tim. 1:12-17. No man ever had any idea of what God has had in store for mankind. He is truly a God of surprises. Three areas to consider: 1. The plan of salvation. God chose an instrument of execution to be the centerpiece of His plan to save mankind. Through death comes life, what a paradox. Judges 4, the story of Deborah and Barak. Deborah says she will go with him into battle but the honor will not be his, it will be the Lord who will provide deliverance. And then God uses a nobody, Jael, to bring it about.

2. Savior(s). Jesus is an unlikely choice to be the savior of mankind. He came from Nazareth, first of all. Nothing good was known to have come from Nazareth. A carpenters son? And the way He carried out some of the miracles He performed - putting mud on eyes of a blind person. And then to die on the cross like a common criminal, and suffer in silence, even though He is completely innocent of the charges. Heb 11:32 - Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah.. these are the guys God uses to deliver His people in the book of Judges. Imperfect people. However, they trusted in God.

3. Modern day Servants. Who does God use now? Does He use people today who have committed sins they would be ashamed to have publicized? We are in a hospital for sinners, that is what the church is. Sin makes us all a wreck. What matters is who rectifies the wreck and who doesn’t. God uses people who are wholly dependent upon Him. And, knowing that God uses you should make you want to do even better.

The extraordinary opportunity to be employed in the exalted purposes of the great king. Let Him have His way with you!


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