Anchors for the Storm

Foundations and solid structures can become compromised, like bridges that aren’t kept up to standards. What is the nature of your spiritual foundation? How sturdy is your spiritual structure? Anchors for the storm... what storm you might ask? Fasten your seat belt because one is likely coming in your life. The bedrock of faith, Acts 16:31. Your faith may fluctuate from time to time in your life. We need to have undying confidence in the unseen. No matter what the adversary throws at us, no matter our pain, we have an undying confidence in God. What are some things God has put in place that serve as anchors for our spiritual well being, that keep us sturdy?

1. Baptism. In the epistles we see baptism depicted from the standpoint of the believers life. It’s like you’re being returned to the scene and reminded of the significance of that act. Take Romans 6, the burial and subsequent resurrection that baptism represents, the original purpose was not to explain the acceptable mode but rather to show how Gentiles were accepted and that salvation is by grace. One word of caution: we can’t let our focus on baptism neglect an equally important focus on faith and repentance. Without those, this anchor will not hold fast. And of course, without God’s grace, none of this is even possible.

2. The Lord’s Supper. Why would God have us do it so frequently if it were not intended to serve us for our spiritual betterment? Which is why there should be absolutely no hesitation for serving it again on Sunday night for those who were unable to partake in the morning.

3. Jesus, who is at the center of it all. He is the fuel for the previous two anchors. Without Jesus sacrifice we have no hope; His subsequent ascension to the right hand of God ensures His continued dominion and intercession on our behalf

4. Hope. Too many people are content with the pleasures of this life to the neglect of any attention to Jesus. The realization that only the Lord provides what I need. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not lack. Hope is a big theme of the book of Romans. 4:17-18 - in hope against hope, where there seemed to be no hope, Abraham believed; 5:2-5, exult in a hope that does not disappoint; 8:24, we are saved by hope, with perseverance we wait; 12:12 - rejoicing in hope; 15:12-13, may the God of hope, fill you with all joy. If you neglect scripture, you forfeit your hope. Neglect of the Word will destroy your faith.

Eph 4:4-16, hope that stands the storm. Heb 6:17-20, hope is described as the anchor of the soul.


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