Anything Awaits Him

Ecc. 9:1 wise men and their deeds are in the hands of God. Mankind does not know whether it will be love or hate. Anything awaits him.

Can we ever relate to that more than now? Observations from chapters 9 & 11:

1. 9:2-6: many do evil but their time is short lived, as is yours. Evil is in men’s hearts, he says. We have a very short time to make an impact while here on earth. We need to end racism in our society. Thievery and hunger, we wish would go away. But there are evil people in the world and there were back then, both David and Solomon talk about it frequently. Look at Psalm 55 for example. In that Psalm, David says it’s not his enemy but his brother who is evil. But in verse 22, David says cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you. Give your anxiety away. In the end, justice will always be served.

2. 9:7-10. Manage what you can while you can; value, appreciate what is right in front of you. 11:7, the light is pleasant and it is good to see the sun. Focus on the now, savor the present. Since outcomes are uncertain, stay busy. 9:11-13; 11:1-4, 6, 8. Some people are so fearful of dying that they quit living. Life is full of risks. The old saying is apt - nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Final observations: 9:1; 11:5, 9, 10; 12:1, 7, 13, 14

1. Focus on what is good.

2. Be comforted in God’s activity though the scope of it is beyond us. Don’t get carried away with yourself.

3. Focus on God. Trust in Him!

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