Be Reconciled

We all have opinions about others. Just be careful not to dwell too long on them. The story of Haman and Mordecai in the book of Esther. Haman was totally preoccupied with his hatred of Mordecai and it ended up costing him everything, including his life. Mordecai, on the other hand, is raised to a position of prominence in the government. Instead, let’s work on our own circumstances and allow God to place us where we will be most effective. 2 Cor 5:9-21. Reconciliation is all throughout that passage. Instead of focusing on opinions of others, how about we focus on ourselves? The Corinthians had to do just such a thing. They focused on their negative assessments of Paul while not recognizing their own failings. Reconciled to God: 1. Ask yourself, what is the condition of your faith?

2. How would you measure that? (Insert the whole New Testament here)

3. Ask yourself, how is my faith affecting my life?

Frequent consideration: 10 things to think about how faith is affecting your life: 1. Prayer, how much do you do? Do you start and end each day with prayer?

2. Meditation. What do you think about your character, about your service?

3. Worship. How engaged are you?

4. Church, the people. How do I interact with everyone in this church at DP?

5. Confession. Are people I meet aware of my commitment to Christ?

6. Words. How careful am I with my tongue?

7. Kindness. Are you over the top with being kind to everyone you meet?

8. Selflessness. How much of our behavior depicts being selfless?

9. Purity. Are we controlling what we watch and what we think of?

10. Attitudes. Being sober, patient, joyful, hopeful.

That is a lot to consider about our faith. That should keep us busy enough so that we don’t have the time to be critical of others. Based upon that, let’s temper our assessments of other people, Matt 7:1-5. The Phil. 2 handful - have this mind in yourself which was also in Christ, 3 verses. 1. V 5 Be of the same mind as Christ

2. V11. Having my lips tuned to praise God

3. V. 14. Do all things without murmuring and disputing. Gratitude.

How is your faith affecting your life?

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