Do Not Fear, Only Believe

Mark 5

Fear inhibits understanding, misunderstanding generates fear. David Rhodes.

Sometimes we let fear control our thinking, maybe when we face something that seems too difficult to accomplish. It’s an endless cycle if we don’t act upon it.

The disciples are afraid when they are with Jesus in the sea in Mark 4. Jesus even asks why are you so afraid?

Chapter 5 contains three stories, each including instances of fear and of faith. Jesus says in the main story to Jairus, “ do not fear, only believe.”

Structure of chapter 5:

1. Disciples are contrasted to Legion, Jairus and the woman

2. Legion, Jairus and the woman all bow before Jesus

3. Jesus’ saving contrasted to demons destruction

4. Motif: authority of the servant who rules

Jesus nature is that of one who saves. The story is about much more than the pigs dying. The power of Satan is what causes them to run over the cliff into the sea. Demonic force is about death and destruction.

Do not fear, only believe: don’t be like those who are afraid. Jesus brings healing in darkness, but it requires faith.

1. Fear inhibits understanding, which inhibits faith

2. Disciples fear contrasted with the suppliants faith.

3. Faith involves action. Mark 1:15; 2:5; 5:34, 36. When it says Jesus saw their faith it means He saw their actions which exhibited their faith. These people are willing to take extreme steps to overcome their fear. The woman knows that Jesus is her only hope, while in fear because people would be greatly offended by her reaching out to touch Him. Same with Jairus, who could go to others but He comes to Jesus because He knows Jesus has the answers. He is going to do whatever it takes to get his daughter well. That’s faith. What’s really amazing is when all seems lost, Jesus steps in again. He says, essentially, believe in the impossible.

Jesus can do what man cannot. No matter what you are facing, Jesus is greater than your problem. Even an army of demons in the man in Mark 5 was no match for Him. The woman goes to all the doctors and they have no solution for her problem. Jesus did.

When you’re faced with a problem so large you don’t know what to do, Mark 5 says to come to Jesus.

All things are possible to him who believes.

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