Do you want to go to heaven?

Would you want to go to heaven right now if afforded the opportunity? Do you think you’re ready or would you want to hold off for some reason? Many want to finish other things first - maybe graduate from college, get married, or see their kids grow up or have the chance to try again to convince their family of the truth and on and on it could go.

Do we have a heavenly focus?

  • We need to, as God’s people. 2 Pet 3:10-12. We ought to be longing for that day to arrive. For us, it can’t get here soon enough.

  • We are Christ’s betrothed, awaiting the wedding day, 2 Cor 11:2. Too many want to keep living here, to put off that day for a more convenient time.

  • Are we really anxiously anticipating this?

  • Or, are we indecisive ? Phil 1:21-24. For Paul, it was far better to go and be with God than to stay here on earth.

  • Maybe it’s worse than we imagine... do we even want to go at all? Is our concept of heaven what it really will be like? Don’t we just want a vacation? The things that tend to captivate us about heaven are typically things that are self centered. Many say it will be a reward, I will live in a mansion, there will be treasure in heaven, streets of gold, no pain, or sickness or death or bad people to put up with. All of those are Biblical concepts, there are verses to back up each of these but all are focused on us and what we will get out of this. But will it really be so self-centered as this?

Getting it all wrong:

  • What heaven is all about gets lost in translation. 2 Cor 12:2-4. The words we use to describe it are just a faint shadow of what it will really be like.

  • Heaven is indescribable. No matter what language we use, there is no way for us to describe what it will actually be like

A better perspective:

  • Heaven is all about God, it’s not about us.

  • We will be in His presence, focused on Him.

  • Earthly vs. heavenly visions. Heb. 9:21-24. We can look back at the tabernacle where God resided in the OT and see a similar comparison. The glory of the Lord filled the temple at certain times and the priests had to get out, they couldn’t bear to look at it. Ex. 40:34-35; 1 Kings 8:10-11. God dwelt there. Now He dwells in heaven.

What it will really be like

  • Eternally focused on God

  • Are we ready to spend that much time - all of our time - worshiping Him, praising Him, listening to Him?

  • We have a hard time spending a lot of time with God now: Consider 3 areas of our life that God is the focus of: 1. Prayer - how long do we spend each day talking to God? More than just a few minutes at a time? 2. Bible study? How much time do we spend, compared to TV, or reading other books? 3. Worship? Do we attend every time the doors are open? Are we totally focused on Him when we do? Do you really want to be in worship services or would you really rather be doing something else?

If this is not your realization of what heaven will really be like, you may need to do some soul searching to find out if you need to re-prioritize your time. Devote more time to prayer, Bible study and worshiping God and see if that is where your heart's greatest desires lie. That will tell you how much you want to go to heaven.

We can only imagine the magnificence of heaven. You don't want to miss it!

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