He Who Sits in the Heavens

Multiverse, many scientists now claim there must be more than one universe. There are 35 constants that must exist in our universe to sustain life. Talk about blind faith, these people believe that it has happened so that is enough proof that it could happen. If you don’t want God, you better have a multiverse.

Psalm 2 is about God from beginning to end. Whether or not you think so, you need He who sits in the heavens. Doing things your own way is a recipe for disaster.

Psalm 2 is quoted in Acts 13:33 by Paul. God has decreed that His Son will reign in the high and holy city. His universal kingdom is envisioned and there is fierce delight in God’s dominion.

Peoples devise a vain thing.

- Behavior prescribed for Christians was never intended to punish or restrict unnecessarily. - God’s wisdom vastly exceeds our own. There are things we don’t understand that God has decreed but guess what?  He doesn’t have to explain himself to us. Isa 55:8-9

- Rejection of His way for our own ways not only jeopardizes the soul but it reduces the quality of our life.

When our will comes into conflict with His, and it will, we need to remember these points. We only hurt ourselves when we reject His will for our own.

2:12 - how blessed are all who take refuge in Him!

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