His Steadfast Love Endures Forever

God of Wonder, Psalm 136:4. This an important pre-telling of history about God. To Him alone who works great wonders. It repeats the phrase “For His loving kindness is everlasting “ over and over.

1 Cor 14:34-35. About women keeping silent in the assembly. Paul is enjoining male leadership in assemblies, the silence is not absolute. In the context of the chapter, the phrase”keep silent” means refrain from leading. In verse 28 the same phrase is used for a male in relation to tongue speaking. In verse 30 the same phrase is used in relation to prophecy. It means not to take a leadership role. Women are to recognize the role God has given them and let the males lead.

God’s roles for men and women are different and has nothing to do with intelligence, Bible knowledge or ability. 1 Tim 2 the same - women can teach but they cannot teach over a man.

Eph 5:19, speak to one another in songs and hymns.... uses the same Greek word. So if you are going to say that women cannot utter a word in the assemblies, from 1 Cor 14, then the cannot sing either.

Secondly, concerning reactions and interactions during assemblies - are we too sterile? We need to be engaged in the worship together. What about when someone is baptized? One of the most wonderful things we will ever see and then... awkward silence sometimes follows. Doesn’t it ask for something more?

Is clapping appropriate? We do that at sporting events but should we in services? When someone joins the Lord it is about what God has done. If we’re clapping it ought to be to Him. Maybe more appropriate are verbal expressions such as Praise the Lord, or Amen or Thank God. It is not a time for silence.

Thirdly, notice the references to Sihon and Og in Psalm 134. Og was a giant of a man and God said do not fear him, and they killed Og and his sons. The battle belongs to the Lord. Our God is greater than any opposition we will face.

Lastly, God cares about the nobodies. He remembers us in our lowest state, when we have chosen foolishly. If we will come to us, He will revive us. Isa. 57:15-19. God wants to exalt us. Come to Him!


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