How long?

Psalm 90, the prayer of Moses. Think of the circumstances Moses was in at this time and then read verses 11-17. A time of discouragement for Moses and His people.

We may get discouraged due to the struggle to maintain holiness. Or, maybe it’s persistent, chronic pain, or dealing with nasty, rotten people, or those within your own family. Joy can be elusive, too much humdrum in our life. Our jobs can be draining, a necessary evil in our life. It could be doubts about if God really knows about me and my struggles. We may ask as Moses did, How long?

What can we learn from this question in Psalm 90?

1. We need to have a healthy respect for God’s fury. Our problem is we have not witnessed His fury firsthand.

2. We need to walk in wisdom today. Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves. Teach us to number our days and gain a heart of wisdom, as the Psalmist says. Provers 8:34-36

3. We need to keep on praying as our trials persist. Rev 6:9-11.

4. In the midst of pain, appeal to God’s unfailing love to find joy and gladness, v 15. Think of how blessed we are to live in these times. We know many things Moses didn’t know. We know the whole of God’s plan, we know the final outcome, we have all of God’s plan revealed that He intended to reveal.

5. Ask God to demonstrate His power. Vv 16-17. Do we believe God can work in the midst of our pain to produce wonderful results as we continue to live faithfully day by day.

6. May the favor and beauty of God rest upon us and establish the work of our hands, v. 17. Are we accomplishing all we can as God’s people in this place, at this time? Do you believe God is working in your life? If not, you have precious little in this world and what you do have is very temporary.

A relationship with God is not only saving but it is uniquely helpful, desirable and fulfilling.

Psalm 89:46-48, 52

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