If God is For Us...

Rom 8:26-39. If God is for us who can be against us, comes from verse 31. The point of this text is that God is faithful to His promises. God has made glorious provisions for His people. And verse 28 plays into this as well, that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord. Not only glorious provisions, but an extraordinary hope we have also, verses 23-25.

But people ask, is God really for me? Am I really one who is imbibing in the glorious provisions and extraordinary hope?

There is extraordinary opposition, certainly from Rome, where this message was first delivered. But also today, from the ruler of this world, our adversary the devil. Am I able to overcome? Are the promises really for me?

These promises are given to believers in spite of imperfect performance. The book of Hebrews really carries the same message as Romans 8. Heb 6:9 - we are persuaded about better things for you.

Where are you spiritually? Have you been in a period of neglect or failure, languishing? Maybe not as zealous as you were at one time? Maybe there are better things in store for you.

Hey 10:39 - we will not shrink back, we will keep on fighting despite any setbacks. No sin is so large that it cannot be laid at the foot of the cross and be forgiven. But also, no sin is so small that, if persisted in, that it is not an arrogant imposition on the grace of God and will destroy.

Heb7:25 - we have a great high priest that will save us forever if we draw near to Him. He ever lives to make intercession for us. We can recover from our foolish sinfulness.

Rev 14:1, 4, 12, 13; 17:14. Both Romans and Revelation tell us that not 9 only is God for you despite an occasional poor performance, God is with you in the midst of no visible indicators that suggest that He is. And so often that’s why people give up. They see no evidence that God is for them. It doesn’t matter what it looks like visibly because we walk by faith. I belong to Him, and everything is going to be okay, even if my life looks like a wreck right now. Do not let what is visible affect your confidence in the invisible.

No amount of challenging circumstances should cause us to question God's faithfulness or His care. We cannot equate fellowship with God to ideal circumstances or lack of adverse circumstances.

Is He really for me? Absolutely, if you have responded to His invitation to live for Him.

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