Rev. 3:14-22

Laodicea - One of the 7 churches of Asia

There is not one commendable thing said about this church.

Other references to this church in Col 4:12-13 & 5-16.

This was a well known church, important commercial city on a major trade route.

What’s missing from the letter?

1. There’s nothing said about trying false teachers, 2:2, like Ephesus

2. Nothing said of them hating impurity, 2:6, like Ephesus

3. Nothing said of them holding fast their faith, 2:13, like Pergamos

4. Nothing said of their last works being greater than their first, 2:19, like Thyratira

5. Nothing said about keeping their garments undefiled, like Sardis, 3:4

What IS said about them?

1. Neither cold not hot... but lukewarm

2. Concentration on material things,3:14-22

3. Feeling of independence, even from God 3:17

4. Blind to their true condition, v 17

What do they need?

- To receive godly advice, v18.

- To buy refined gold - get rid of all the impurities; there is only one source, God;

- to buy white garments so that you may clothe yourself - purity;

- to buy eye salve - so you may see your true condition.

- To take this message to heart. V19. They are being reproved because he loves them and he disciplines whom He loves

- to repent with zeal.

- To see that eternity is at stake. V21, he who overcomes will be granted a seat with Christ

Are you a Laodicean? What do you need to do?

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