Lovers of Self

2 Tim 3:1-2

There is a selfie epidemic in our culture. In fact, recently selfie was chosen as the word of the year. There is a growing trend to focus on yourself. Not every selfie is bad, of course, but it is an example of how individualistic our society has become


Social media and the internet are causing problems in our society, affecting our sleep for instance. Bullying has become more of a problem stemming from social media. Depression and hopelessness result from having all of the problems in the whole world available to us always, every minute of the day.

We are being taken out of the real world into a fake world. The addictive nature of electronic devices is a serious problem. Many of us depend upon the constant dinging from our device responding to people liking our post.

It will take a deliberate effort to get out of this rut, this need for validation of who we are.

Romans 1 shows a path of thought that will demonstrate how we end up where we are.

Lovers of self:

1. Self-centered. Romans 1:21. The problem of being lovers of self really begins with the thinking that everything is about me. Verse 21 tells us just go outside and look around, you can see what God has created. They didn’t honor Him as God or give thanks to Him. The problem is a lack of gratitude. Verse 28 tells what happens when you don’t acknowledge God, He gives us over to departed minds. Lack of gratitude toward God leads to other bigger problems. Parents need to be teaching their children that life doesn’t revolve around them. It is not your job as a parent to ensure that every tear and whimper will immediately be resolved.

2. Self-seeking, verses 22-23, 25; 2:8. Once you are self centered and self seeking you start worshiping the world. Saving the trees, while a good thing, is not the answer to your life.

3. Self-indulgence. Verse 24, 26, 28. The last thing on the path. God will give you over to depravities once He sees that is what you desire and that you are only out to satisfy your carnal desires, with no regard at all for God.

This is exactly what happened to Eve in Genesis 3. That is how Satan got her. She was centered on herself and that led to taking the fruit, indulging her desires.

The whole list in 2 Tim 3 relates to being self centered.

We need to be God-centered, as opposed to self centered. We need to be truth seeking as opposed to self seeking. We need to be looking into the scriptures for our answer to life’s problems and challenges. And we need to have self control as opposed to being self indulgent.

Truth seekers admit when they are wrong.

Tips to thriving in this world of selfishness:

1. Express gratitude daily, Rom 1:21. Be thankful and return grace to God.

2. Avoid self centered, self seeking and self indulgent people. 2Tim 3:5. This is a command. You will become like the people you spend your time around

3. Find wisdom in scripture. 2 Tim 3:15

Sacrifice will never be the word of the year. But that is what God calls us to. It is no longer I that live but Christ lives in me, Gal 2:20. I crucify my ego, is wha5 the Greek means. The very opposite of being lovers of self.

Be careful about getting too caught up in selfies and social media. Focus on Jesus and serving others.

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