New Life in Christ - what does it look like?

Eph 4:25-5:5 We’re talking about a dramatic transformation when we talk of a new life in Christ. A new creation, Paul describes it as. We often focus on what Christians should NOT do, which is appropriate. But there’s also the positive side, the things that we SHOULD be. Both sides are contained in our text for today. What does this new life mean that we become? What is it we are supposed to do? Paul tells us in these verses in Ephesians. As we are renewed in our minds, what does that mean? On a high level, it means we need to hold ourselves accountable to these things he tells us we are to do. Eph 4-6 tell us what this new life looks like. New life means.... 1. Renewed speech. We are to speak the truth, to have no corrupting talk, only to speak that which is good for building up and gives grace to those who hear. This may or may not include eliminating profanity for you, but what does fit for each of us is the latter part, the building up and grace giving speech. We need to take care in how we talk to one another. Even in disciplining your children, you can do that in a way that trains them and doesn’t tear them down or belittle them. This also affects what we tell ourselves. We need to affirm to ourselves who we are, that we are saved children of the most high God, that we have worth, that God values us. He wants us to succeed. And He also expects something from each of us, to do our part in the body. This also affects our public persona in social media. Do we always complain?

2. Renewed attitude. The Bible says be angry and do not sin. It doesn’t say don’t ever be angry. Sometimes we get frustrated, sometimes we see things in the world that are out of alignment. So this new life should reshape our attitudes, we are to be tender hearted, to be forgiving and peaceable. We need to take time to ponder things, to run things through our mind before rashly responding. We need to take time to think about life, to meditate, to value silence.

3. Renewed actions will be the result of renewed speech and renewed attitude. We’re not here to just get by. We will work heartily, we will share with others. Change habits. Change friendships. Seek righteousness and holiness. This is hard to do. Being in the right environment will help tremendously. There may be nothing more detrimental to changing to this new life than the friends you have, that you keep. We may even need to change jobs, we may even need to move. But no sacrifice is too great if we’re focused on creating a new life in Christ.

This new life will not just happen. You will have to work at it. You will have to make tough choices. But you do it because you want to.

For those already in Christ, The vital question: how has my life in Christ changed me?

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