Open the Gates

Triumphal entry, Matt 21:1-11

Jesus triumphal entry was prophecied in Zech. 9:8-10; 14:8-9 Psalm 24, about the same arrival of the kingdom glory, Jesus.

Our eyes need to be focused on the king, Heb. 12:2. He deserves access to everything. The whole earth is His. So He wants a relationship with us. He requires a holy you. You must be His on His terms. How are you doing? Maybe you haven’t always been what He deserves but His mercy is abundant.

Surrender, invest your heart and your mind. Eph 5. Open the gates of allegiance and let the king reign in your heart. Do we ever question that? Ever ask is that really the best way? Rom 12 says we are to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. It will take some work.

We serve a real and awesome king. We can’t ever forget that. It is utterly foolish to shun this king. Isn’t it odd how often people reject the things they need the most? Vegetables for example. Only He truly satisfies. Why tenaciously cling to the deprived and depraved?

Enter the entourage and great procession of the great king today! Once you’ve done that, do not give up on Him forever.


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