Owners Manual for Living Well

Have you seen any owners manuals lately? Super fine print, if there even is a manual. Kids certainly don’t come with one.... oh wait, they do, the Bible. There is a lot said in the Bible about how to raise our children.

Building without blueprints, Psalm 127. Somehow, men are typecast as not being keen on following instructions. Can you believe it? (ha)

An Owners Manual for Living Well is found in Proverbs. Your actions matter, not just what you do but why you do it. Proverbs 20:9-13. Verse 9, “who can say, I have cleansed my heart, I am pure from sin? “ We have a hard time seeing ourselves well. We tend to see ourselves too highly and exalt ourselves above others. Look up for mercy, look around at others for opportunities to display compassion and look within carefully.

Your Actions Matter:

V 9, occupy the station of humility. We need to be careful how harshly we view the mistakes of others, realizing we make plenty of our own. We know how Naaman reacted when being told to go wash in the Jordan times, it certainly wasn’t with humility. But he finally does it. Let’s not get too carried away with ourselves.

V10, the hallmark of honesty. Differing weights and measures - is that important to God? It’s mentioned five times throughout the Bible. It’s about deceiving people with unjust weights during business transactions. Lying is commonplace today. We need to be known for our honesty and not taking advantage of others.

V 11, the building of integrity. It’s critical to start this building early in our lives. Make it your purpose to be a blessing to others. Goodness involves a choice, even when the choice is a hard one.

V 12, the employment of ingenuity. If you really want to grasp your purpose for life, your body needs to be used to honor God and be far away from evil. God’s design of the human body shows tremendous ingenuity. Let’s use it for the right purposes.

V 13, the reward of industry. Laziness is a sin. Get up and get after it, just do it. Work hard and enjoy the rewards of your labor.

Verse 15, "there is gold and an abundance of jewels; but the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing." Lives that reflect knowledge of God’s wisdom are worth more than all the jewels in the world.

What do you truly value? What do you pursue?


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