Reliving the Exodus

Ex. 13:11-16. Passover, commemorating God’s deliverance.  Joshua 4, the 12 stones piled in the river represented the 12 tribes and God’s deliverance of them from Egypt.

The story of the Exodus spread all over the world in a day without the internet or technology of any kind. What can we learn from this great story of the Exodus?


1. The story includes a wicked tyrant, Pharaoh.

2. There was also a chosen leader, Moses.

3. And, a rescue by sacrifice, the blood over the doorways.

4. And, a God-won victory over the tyrant, the amazing story of the ten plagues.

5. And as a result, a new vocation, a new way of life

6. And beyond that the ongoing presence of God, the pillar of fire by night and the cloud by day, leading Israel to their destination.40 years later they enter into the promised land.

But that’s not the end of the story. And this story is repeated in the Bible. This story is a pattern which happens again, in the story of the Christ. All of the same elements are there - the wicked tyrant, Herod; a chosen leader, Jesus; a rescue by sacrifice as Jesus is crucified; a God-won victory over the tyrant, Satan and the tyranny of sin; a new way of life emerges for Jesus upon the giving of His life, as He appears miraculously after His resurrection and the ascends to the right hand of God; and so He finds Himself in the ongoing presence of God the Father in a promised land.

This story is not done here, though. This story is designed to be lived out again, in the lives of each one of us. The great story - the Christian.

Many people have no sense of purpose in their life. The place to find that is in the things of God, understanding your place in God’s story. All of the very same elements are repeated in our lives. A God-won victory over the tyrant is a fitting description of the role baptism plays in our salvation. It’s not about us, it’s about God, the work of God. We make the choice to be baptized but, in that choice, we are completely dependent upon God.

We likewise have a new way of life, and what a glorious life it is. We have a High Priest who intercedes for us, we have a Spirit who transforms us, angels who minister to us and brethren who admonish and encourage us. And, we have a perfect leader, Jesus.

And, we find ourselves as Jesus did, as the Israelites did, in the ongoing presence of God. This is the pinnacle of human existence, it is how we taste of glory... everything is ours. It doesn’t mean our lives are all peachy and wonderful, but look at all of the things we do have, as just enumerated. We are also free from the control and domination of sin.

But don’t think the devil is done with you. He is not. He does not like this. But our citizenship is in heaven, a realm we inhabit for eternity (Phil 3:20) and the reality of that should grow sweeter and sweeter until its awesome fullness is realized.

Are you reliving the great story of Exodus? Have you realized your purpose?

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