Remember me

There is a call to remember throughout scripture. - Judges 16:28, Sampson’s final crisis. Hair has been cut, being mocked before God’s enemies. He calls to God and says please remember me and strengthen me just this one last time. - 1 Sam. 1:11, the prayer of Hannah, who is unable to have a child, she asks God to remember her and give her a son. Samuel then enters the world from her prayer. - Exodus 2:24-25, the people call to God from their misery and He remembers His covenant. He knew all along, of course, when the time to act was.

And then there is Neh 5:19, remember me O my God for good; according to all that I have done for this people.

This is an interesting prayer. Is he pleading to God for reward on the basis of merit? He did not ask for more which he could have, such as securing land for himself, because of his fear of God. He didn’t take advantage of the situation to advance himself. He knows that living for what he cannot see will be more rewarding than what he can see. He is saying I have been your faithful and sincere servant, please deal kindly with me.

So how should we come to God in prayer? How should we come to Him in service? Heb 12:28. Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear.

Do we offer what Nehemiah offered? The fear of God, reverence, awe? Would we be comfortable with a prayer like the one he offered? You know my record, every motive of my heart, O God. Please deal kindly with me.

What is outstanding about our behavior? Nehemiah was outstanding in his behavior, in his service to God. Maybe you don’t feel there is anything outstanding but there is. Look how full this auditorium is on a Sunday night. So, if you are here, your faith is outstanding. And if you’ve been doing the same for years and years, your faith is outstanding.

If you exercise restraint in your behavior that other people do not, that is outstanding. If you take part in the daily Bible reading program, watch your tongue and season your language with grace, that is outstanding. We often don’t give ourselves enough credit. These are not little things. These are not insignificant things.

Nehemiah made a plea based upon his devotion to God. We should be able to make that same prayer.

Higher motives and more meaningful service come when we come to God out of love for Him, as opposed to needing something. Our motives need to grow beyond what we get, merely personal, selfish concerns.

An amazing paradox is the more gratefully and selflessly we serve our king, the more rewarding our service will be. If we give grudgingly, we will get less.

Matt. 25:14-30. Whatever level of talent you’ve been granted, pursue excellence with it. Whatever God has given you the ability to do, supply it.

Glorify God this week in whatever way you can!


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