Seeing King and Kingdom, Mark 8

The path to confession: ⁃ Sign of the messianic kingdom, 8:1-10 ⁃ Lack of understanding, 8:11-21 ⁃ - Confession: you are the Christ, 8:27-30 ⁃ Lack of understanding, 8:31-38 ⁃ Proclamation of the messianic kingdom, 9:1 The point of what’s happening here is the proclamation of king and kingdom. Jesus is establishing His kingdom and as 9:1 says, some standing there would witness it. Messages: 1. The kingdom is for all, 8:1-11. These people follow Jesus for three days, into desolate country, at great risk, not even having concern for their own nourishment. Psalm 22 is an appropriate OT reference in relation to Mark 6 & 8. The afflicted shall eat and be satisfied, the same terminology. Psalm 107 also a part of this whole context, as is Isa. 25. Restoration, all the nations will feast. Ezekiel. 34 also. His is a highway to holiness as Isaiah says.

2. Don’t refuse to see, 8:1-21. The disciples have been through a lot to this point. They saw a lame man walk, saw a wild sea be calmed by speaking to it... and yet they still struggle to see who He is. He warns them to be aware of the leaven of the world. He reminds them how many baskets were left over the first time they fed a multitude. And now this time, again, plenty of food left over from small beginnings. But they don’t get it. They’re still in a growth process. They think they see, but they don’t. Peter does come to a recognition of who Jesus is, even though immediately after he still demonstrates a lack of perception. One of the things we can learn from this text is we have a second chance. Jesus comes back a second time to heal the blind man, not because He couldn’t do it the first time, but to show everyone gets another chance. He gives the disciples a second chance to realize who he is... once they get rid of the obstacles, once they stop seeing through earthly lens’, then they can see who He really is. This is what humanity is really like. We struggle with ups and downs but Jesus is always there.

3. Confession comes with expectations. Mark 8:34-9:1. There is an expectation that we should be centering our lives around things of God not things of men. There is an expectation that we will give up the things of the world. The disciples are still distracted by the world around them, even with Jesus right in front of them. How much easier, then, is it for us to be distracted by the things of the world, to lose focus? We need to be honest about our lives, be sure our eyes are opened. It’s a daily exercise - what does this mean for me today?

What will you say about Jesus? Who will you say Jesus is in your life? How does that influence the way you live, the decisions you make, the things you do? What will your answer be?

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