Selfless Parenting

Malachi 2:15 But did He not make them one, Having a remnant of the Spirit? And why one? He seeks godly offspring.

Do you really believe that God is all powerful and all knowing? That He spoke and the world came into existence? Do we believe that what He says in the Bible is what we ought to do, how we ought to act?

What is your goal as a parent? What is your ultimate goal for your children?

Your highest calling as a parent, what God desperately wants from all parents, is to develop godly offspring, to fill the earth with godly offspring, Mal 2:15. The creation principle is there from a high level perspective.

Php 2:4 Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.

This applies to many relationships, one of which is parents and children. It’s not just about what I want but I also see the souls of my children.

The elders made a request of the parents a week ago. Are we respecting their authority? Are we carrying out their request regarding our children?

How can we be selfless parents? It’s not an easy thing. Selfless parents do difficult things sometimes. They don’t know what’s best. They need teaching and instructing.

Parenting for God’s glory:

1. Rebuke, correct and instruct.  Fathers are instructed not to provoke their children to wrath lest they become discouraged. There is a sense in which our children look to fathers and see an example of what God the Father is like. If we really believe what God says in scripture we will have to give up a lot of what modern society says we ought to do as parents.

- Correction, Prov. 13:24. Discipline is not just related to punishment. Rebuke is sometimes needed. The goal is to have them earn. Sometimes parenting means correcting bad behavior. Prov. 23:13-14. Not only will he not die, YOU WILL SAVE HIM! This is an effective means of correction.

- Instruction. If your goal is to make your child happy, you will run into some obstacles in scripture. Of course we want them to be happy but there will be times when they will not be, if we are doing things correctly. Deut 6:6-7. We have to be consistent. Discipline is training. If we lose our temper and blow our tops, what are we teaching them about God the Father?

- But it’s not just correction, it’s the lessons along the way as Deut. 6 says.. when you sit, when you walk, when you lie down and when you rise. Look for Teachable Moments and use them. This is vital for today and it is vital for eternity.

- The other side of this is children are to obey their parents. This is about life, everything is interconnected.

- God gave parents this role. Selfless parenting means we will have to sacrifice a lot. What types of sacrifice? Your time, your energy and also some social interaction. That is specifically what the elders mentioned. It doesn’t matter what your role here is. You are a parent. It’s okay to say NO to some of the things your kids want to do. Parents are willing to do all of this - to drive their children all over the place, to lose sleep when one of them is sick, etc. because they want to do what is best for their children.

- This is a God-given role. Parents don’t enjoy some of the things they have to do, like spanking, like having difficult discussions, but they do it because they want to raise godly children.

2. Humbly accept advice. It’s prideful when parents are not willing to accept advice. You may say your children are different and yes they are, to a degree, but really they are not, in the main. Do we trust that what God says in the Bible is what we need to do, that God knows? Take care when you are offering advice in how you offer it. And when you receive it, get a thicker skin. “In order that the Word of God may not be reviled.” That’s how important it is.

3. Humbly pass on well intended but off-base advice. Listen to what someone says, carefully consider it and decide if they are coming at this from the right angle. Is it from a Malachi 2 angle? Sometimes when you’re training your children during services, it will be distracting. We as a congregation need to be patient with young mothers. It shouldn’t take that long anyway, it should take weeks or months, not years, to help them learn how to behave.

Malachi 2:15, But did He not make them one, Having a remnant of the Spirit? And why one? He seeks godly offspring.

This is God’s purpose, this is what selfless parenting is all about. As parents, you need to be willing to do whatever it takes to raise godly offspring.

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