The Business of Being a Christian

You and Me Promoting Christ The simple breakdown: Why? Who? Where? What? How? When?

Why promote Christ? Why does someone need the gospel? Heb 9:27. Eternal consequences, everyone will die and there will be a judgment. There are also temporal consequences, more in a minute

Who needs the gospel? My 28:18-20. The whole world. Acts 17:30 - all men everywhere are to repent. 1 Tim 2:3 - God desires all to be saved. Everyone needs the message we have.

Where do we take the message? Mt 28:18-20. All the world, yes, but our focus should be local where we have influence and relationships. 1 Tim 1:3, Paul tells Timothy to stay at Ephesus, to complete his work there. In our homes - Deut. 6:4-9. Judges 2:6-10 - teach your generation and the next one. At your work - Prov. 11:1 - be honest and just, be an example

What should we talk about? Jesus and the opportunities we have through Him. Heaven, eternity with God. Having a relationship with God. Read the psalms and see how real David’s relationship was with God. The benefits of living a righteous life, Titus 2:11-14.

How and how not to. How not to: Don’t focus on the negative. Don’t deviate from the truth of the Bible regardless of how uncomfortable it may be. Don’t minimize the importance of righteous living. Don’t be a bad example - Mt 23:13-29, Jesus denunciation of the scribes and Pharisees. Don’t be a Pharisee - make the keeping of the law a thing unto itself.

How? Use your talent(s). Everyone has at least one. Live a righteous life. Know the Bible. Speak properly and timely. Build a relationship first. Be bold. Believe in your product, don’t be fake. Be consistent.

When? How about every day.


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