The Conclusion

Ecc. 12:13-14. Fear God and keep His commandments, was the conclusion of the author. In light of all of life’s complexities, vanities, uncertainties and inequities, all that Solomon has been observing about life under the sun, he drew that conclusion. After observing life inside and out, the most important thing of all is fearing God and keeping His commandments. There is a longing in us for fulfillment, a longing for home, a capacity for things eternal. One important truth to keep in mind as we experience life under the sun - the inability of those things to satisfy. What is sturdy and dependable in the midst of chaos in our world? Fear God and keep His commandments. This applies to every person he says. Nothing we do goes unnoticed by God, every hidden thing, any secret thing, He knows about. In light of where life is headed for each of us, what conclusions does he draw. 1. Solid, healthy relationships are preferable to all this-world achievements. Have you taken account of all the good thins in your life, even in a difficult year like 2020? For instance, enjoy life with the woman who you love all the days of your life. These relationships don’t just happen especially if self is at the center of your life. We have to invest time and thought and concrete actions. Being selfless is crucial to doing that. 2. The ultimate, abiding relationship should be moved front and center in our lives. So often, in the clutter of our lives, God is moved from front and center. He gets pushed to the side. You may have some moments in your life without Him at the center, but that’s all they will be, moments. Then what? 3. Judgment is inescapable. He says to enjoy your life but keep this in mind. Without God, we are headed to a very empty, sad and dismal place.

Psalm 33:8. Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him. Psalm 34:11-16. What fearing God looks like. Depart from evil, do good things, seek peace...... In the end, a proper regard for the living and awesome God is everything.

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