The Great Confrontation

Exodus 5, God vs. Pharaoh Several things are evidenced through this confrontation: - God’s rule over creation

- God ‘s powerful leading

- The ample provisions He provides for His people

- He can surmount the “impossible”

- And, at the end, deliverance through water. Psalm 50:22,23, God won’t be trifled with Heb 10:31; -it is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God; 12:25,28,29 - ourGod is a consuming fire Observations:that reflect the sentiments of man: 1. Pharaoh rejects God at first. He thinks he is in control. Psalm 75:6,7. God exalts, He puts down one and exalts another.

2. He procrastinated, like a lot of people today. God gives Pharaoh the option of when to remove the frogs and he says tomorrow. Why? Who knows but he put it off. Every day we spend away from the Lord we hurt and cheat ourselves.

3. Compromise. Over and over Pharaoh changes his mind after giving in to God’s will. Don’t we tend to do that? Oh God please make it better, He does, and we tend to fall back into old habits because things are going well for us now. Like the cycle in Judges. When we’re in a tough spot we cry out for help. Deliverance should yield profuse thanksgiving on an ongoing basis, along with confidence and trust.

4. Insincere repentance. Matt 21 the parable of the two sons. One refuses to go work in the vineyard, and then one repents and says he will go. The other says he will go and then doesn't. Don’t we tend to say we will go as long as it isn’t inconvenient, as long it’s when we feel like it or according to our terms. We have to repent and say “I will, regardless.”

Our inevitable interview with God. Let us learn from Pharaoh’s bad example.

The effects of Preaching are limited... our faith needs nurturing by us! 2 Chron 16:7-10. A great man named Asa who trusted God, won great battles. But toward the end of his, life he stopped nurturing his faith and in a time of crisis he faltered and turned to Assyria instead of to God. He didn’t trust God like he used to. We cannot allow that to happen to us.

The eyes of the Lord search to and fro across the earth to strongly support those whose hearts are truly his.

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