The Lord's Confession

Matt 10:32-33. Confessing sins is how most people think when confession is mentioned. But we want to focus on what Jesus says about confession. Two parts in Matt 10, confessing Him as Savior and also what confession is.

In Heb 3 & 4, there is a connection between confession and confidence. The confession is that Jesus came into this world and was witnessed as having done so. Then He was sent back to the Father. And then comes the danger of a hardened heart. We need to hold our original confidence firm to the end. We cannot waver, we cannot fall back.

Jesus is the image of His real being. He is the image of God. When you see Jesus, you see God. Hebrews 4 continues the connection between confessing Jesus as having come in the flesh and then the confidence comes for us to come before His throne. In Chapter 10 of Hebrews, since we have confidence to to come before the throne... then the image of Him as our high priest. And he tells us not to throw away our confidence. Jesus Himself makes this confession before Pilate. He has the confidence to say the truth to this man who has the power to take away His life.

1. Confession is not about world peace. Matt 10:28, 34. There will be conflict and difficulty. Jesus told His disciples such. The peace that will come will be that which exists among those who confess Him. There are two kingdoms at war - the kingdom of darkness vs. the kingdom of light. That’s why we are to put on the armor of God. It is by God’s power that we can overcome, the weapons we have at our disposal are those He has provided.

We need to choose which kingdom we are a part of. There are only two options, you’re either with Satan and his people or with God and His people. This is where confession comes in. You confess which kingdom you belong to.

2. Confession is not about pleasing family. Matt 10:35-37. Confessing which kingdom you belong to also means there will be conflict within families. Jesus made the statement, beware of men. It’s a fact, conflict will exist. We cannot mingle between the two kingdoms, it will NOT be ok. We will be affected. Yes, it will be hard to slog through life with those we think are on the other side. Family members may ostracize you. It’s the world we live in, choices have to be made. Will we undermine what we know scripture teaches to support someone in the other kingdom?

Can we see what is happening all around us? That people are trying to steal our souls? That there is a war going on? Hopefully we can persuade people to truth, that needs to be our goal. We wage war with arguments and conversations that Jesus is the king and is worthy of our homage and devotion.

3. Confession IS about God’s approval, Matt 10:35-37. If we confess Jesus before men, He will confess us before the Father. Rev. 3:5... Even when there is persecution and difficulties, we will confess Jesus.

This is happening all around the world - people are confessing Jesus and are giving their lives by doing so. Maybe we won’t feel the threat of death but maybe it will cost us relationships, maybe it will cost us our job. There is a growing sense of things getting worse in our country in the future for those who confess Jesus.

Decide today whose kingdom you are in and hold fast to it.


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