The Mastery of Life

Not the mystery of life but the mastery of life. Someone has said, music is the answer to the mystery of life, the most profound of all the arts, it expresses the deepest thoughts of life. But this is about the mastery of life. Luke 16:15, ...that which is highly esteemed by men is detestable to God. Notice the context around this verse. Also read Luke 10:38-42 and Luke 21:1-4. Similar sentiments expressed in these verses. Luke 10 is the story of Mary and Martha and Mary’s decision to sit at Jesus feet when Martha thought she should be helping serve their guests. In Luke 21, the widow who gave two mites was recognized as having given the greater of the sacrifices given, as she gave all she had. So the way men often regard things is not truly valuable to God. One of the most critical components in the mastery of life - the way you see yourself, responding accordingly..wisely, valiantly, submissively and triumphantly. 1 Cor. 6:12-20. Mastered by God alone. Notice the word “but” and underline it in verse 12 and 13, and verse 18. Paul is quoting some mantras of the day, not expressing spiritual axioms. All things are lawful could be puzzling. Start reading in verse 9 to get the full understanding of this section. Verse 11 says you were sanctified when/if you obeyed the Lord. It is on the basis of that from which he says all things are lawful. But he goes on to say I will not be mastered by any. Paul says I am dominated by something else. We cannot feed all of the appetites we have. Verse 17 is then the major point of this lesson. Being joined to the Lord is what is most important and will allow us to flee immorality. You have been bought for a price so glorify God in your body. Observations: 1. I am a vessel for the Lord. This is how we should see ourselves. We are God’s abode under the new covenant just like the temple was under the Old. The place where God dwells is to be sacred. How does that relate to how we speak, how we interact with others, even our moods? Eph 5 says we have been cleansed by the washing of water by the Word. We live our lives set apart for service for the Lord. 2. Once we grasp ourselves as vessels of the Lord, we will see how we are blessed beyond measure, Matt. 5:3-12 and it is totally independent of circumstances, good or bad. We need to get our focus off how much we have lost, what bad things life has dealt toward us. Get away from the negative outlook on life. This life is temporary. 3. As a result I am to be about the business of advancing the knowledge of Him. His name needs to be on my lips. We have to give a reason for the hope that is within us, so we will need to have that hope within us if we want people to be attracted to what we have. How often does the name of the Lord escape your lips during each day? Shouldn’t there be some mention of His name daily?

2 Cor. 2:14-16. 2Co 2:14 Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. 15 For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.  16 To the one we are the aroma of death leading to death, and to the other the aroma of life leading to life. And who is sufficient for these things? Can we each say this is who we are? This is how we see ourselves?


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