The Sacrifices of Sin

2 Sam 11

The story of David and Bathsheba... the unexpected temptation

David has no expectation that this is going to happen. Desire then conceives the sin.

Then there’s the denial of reality, David begins the coverup once they discover she’s pregnant. The coverup is always worse than the original sin.


1. Sacrifices character and reputation. And it affects lots of people around him, something he’s not even thinking about.

2. Sacrifices trust. The people he involves in the coverup will from this point on wonder if they can trust David because of what he is forcing them to do. He’s killing people loyal to him.

3. Sacrifices peace. Leaders change once they let power go to their heads and they use that power corruptly. The people around him are no longer in peace, wondering what he will do next.

What should I learn about sin?

1. Prepare ahead of time. Be aware of potential temptations that may arise in your life and know what you will do once they arise.

2. Confess quickly. Maybe even before you sin, tell someone close to you, this is a problem for me, I need your help to avoid it.

3. See the consequences and accept them, deal with them. Accept the fallout, own the mistake you have made.

4. Learn from failure. Help this to change you so the next time you don’t succumb again. Understand the power of Satan in your life, in this world, and realize you can overcome his wiles with God’s help. He is behind the temptations that are presented to you.

In the end, what really happened was David was actually sacrificing his loyalty to God. That is what we do as well when we sin. Let’s learn from David about how to deal with temptations and sin.


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