They Despised the Pleasant Land

Seeing the promised land, Deut. 34:1-12.

The story of Moses is fascinating, his deliverance from death as a baby, his association with the royals of Egypt and then his choice to give that up to be with his people, God’s people. So he wanders for 40 years because God wasn’t ready for him yet, and then the calling comes through the burning bush. He approaches Pharaoh to release his people which eventually happens and they approach the promised land after years of wandering but he is not allowed to enter.

So Moses died even though he was still hale and hearty and no one knew where his body was to be found. So where is he now? His dream to enter the promised land was never realized but he is now in a much better place.

Psalm 106:24 - they despised the pleasant land.

Verse 21 says they forgot God and all the awesome things He did for them. God would have destroyed them had Moses not stood in the gap in their defense. But they despised the land, only Joshua and Caleb thought the land could be taken. What happened to the people?

They were not saying they hated the land. They despised it because they undervalued the presence and ability of Jehovah, they did not believe His word. They stopped trusting in Him.

And they lost sight of God’s splendid provision. They focused on obstacles, they focused on fear.

The story of Esau is very similar. Gen. 25:29-34. He despised his birthright. Yes, Jacob was conniving but he understood the spiritual benefit of the birthright. Esau did not.

The lesson? We must not despise the pleasant land, heaven. 2 Pet. 3:11, 13-15. Earth and everything therein will be burned up and that event will come as a thief in the night. So what type of people must we be then? We must be diligent to be found by Him in peace and in all holy conduct, spotless and blameless.


1. There are assurances, blessings and assistance in our journey. Psalm 107:30.

2. Our most intense desires will be fixed beyond. Psalm 108:1.

Is heaven our most intense desire? Do we truly believe that earth holds no treasures but perish with using, however precious they be, as we sing? Our pilgrimage here is very short and all the treasures of earth are only temporary.

Heaven holds all to me!!,

Joy without measure will be my treasure!

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