What does my marriage say about God?

The gospel is a love story. The story that God tells us begins with marriage, Adam and Eve. But the story also ends with marriage. Genesis 2-3, Revelation 19-21. Everything that God made in Genesis was good, but man being alone was the one thing that was not good. The story at the very end of God’s story is about a man on a white horse who comes and finds the woman, to save the day. The gospel is about finding a new love, a new hope and the future is filled with new hope. The significance of marriage. Many in our society today view it as an outdated type of relationship. How can I implore people to be reconciled to God, as His ambassador, if I view my own marriage as broken, as unimportant in the grand scheme of things. In Malachi, God would not accept the people’s offering because their marriages are not right. Marriage is two imperfect people living together as one. Mercy and forgiveness are embedded in this relationship, as it is with our relationship with God. Marriages embodies the gospel story: 1. Marriage is about unity. Adam and Eve are in harmony in the beginning. They are open with each other, they are open with God. Sin then enters the relationship and it becomes broken. The gospel story is that God heals brokenness.. The plan for the fullness of time is to bring broken relationships back together, it is about unity. The mystery of Christ in the book of Ephesians is always about unity. Look at 3:6, bringing together the Jews and the Gentiles. Our marriages are walking examples of the gospel message.

2. Marriage is about restoration. It is about wholeness and this happens when husbands and wives fulfill their role. Marriage is not just about us, it is about Christ and the church, it is much bigger than us. Two things are mentioned for wives to do - submit and respect, Eph. 5. Husbands have a lot more going on in the text - and if we aren’t doing what we should, it makes it harder for the wife to submit and respect. As each of us fulfills our role, we are proclaiming the oneness. Husbands are to lead and love. That leading and loving is supposed to then lead to sacrifice. Jesus gave Himself up for the church, He sacrificed, to sanctity the church, to do what was best for the church. The husband sacrifices to present his wife as sanctified. That means we don’t go around complaining about her, for one thing. We all have weaknesses. We all make mistakes. What is the point of telling her about all of her mistakes? That doesn’t make you look good like some may think it does. What makes you really look good is to make others look good.

The end result is when we present our spouse in holiness and sanctity we give proof that the relationship is sacred and shared. That is what restoration is all about. The two shall become one is ultimately about Christ and the church but it is also about our marriage. Does my marriage tell the true story? 1. God desires intimacy with His people. Does my marriage demonstrate intimacy?

2. God is faithful. Are we in our marriage?

3. God loves sacrificially. We are to give of ourselves. Husbands are to lead and love. We don’t always want to do that. But we are called to do that. If both are giving of themselves sacrificially, our marriage then proclaims what God wants it to.

If I, as an ambassador am proclaiming restoration and reconciliation, does my marriage show that to others? Marriage is a powerful story of God’s message of oneness and unity, the gospel message.

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