What does this ceremony mean to you?

From Ex. 12:26 – The Passover – the first born of every Egyptian family would die due to the stubborn refusal of Pharaoh to let the people go. It would be an annual observance from that point forward for the people of Israel to remember how the Lord rescued them from slavery. Sometimes regular observances can become rote and mundane. How do we prevent that?

What do our weekly assemblies mean? What are we doing here today?

Fellowship with a perfect God is only made possible through the priceless, redeeming blood of His Son. We ought to be here without complaint, with interest and enthusiasm and with a view of participation to supply whatever part God has given me to provide.

What assemblies mean:

1. Exaltation of a worthy God – Creator, Sustainer and Judge. 2 Cor. 5:9-10. Therefore we have as our ambition whether at home or absent to be pleasing to Him for we will all appear before the judgment seat. We really need no other reason than this. This is enough for us to want to be here. But there are other reasons:

2. Needed communion with God.

3. Contribution to others well-being and betterment

4. Focus of my mind on the highest things that are. There is nothing more important that what we are thinking about today.

5. Great reminders that get us one step closer to the rewards

6. Preparing future generations of the Lord’s people.

We have sufficient, compelling reasons for dedication and for zeal to meet every week.

What our obedience to the Lord means: Salvation, great hope, exalted purpose and rejoicing in heaven.

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Welcome and thank you for visiting. We hope you can come and be with us as we give praise and honor to the Father above and His Son as we assemble as Christ's church in the Tomball and Magnolia area.

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