Wherever the Corpse is

Death – not a pleasant subject and something that has touched all of us recently. But far worse than that, as bad as it is, is spiritual death. Eph 2:1 should be a very scary verse to us. Yes it does refer to our former life before we became Christians. But not everyone gets to experience that spiritual death to spiritual life transition. Most people reside in this death and don’t even know it.

Matt 24, a controversial chapter about the signs that indicate the destruction of Jerusalem. Verse 27 and some other verses may refer to the second coming – something to study further. Our focus is on Verse 28 – wherever the corpse is, the vultures will gather.

The disciples are shocked by what they are hearing, they don’t get this. And that’s the message of this lesson – spiritual death is so often not seen.

Application: the corpse of selfish pleasure. Indulging ourselves is our national pastime. Playing electronic games makes some feel good and they obsess with it. Hunting, fishing, going to movies etc. Also the corpse of worldly focus. Some people don’t see anything spiritual in their life because they are so wrapped up in the world. The world is passing away so that focus is a corpse, whether it is realized as that or not.

The Bible also talks about things that don’t ever perish, things that are incorruptible. We need to think about those things. What are those things? God – 1 Tim 1:17; God’s Word - these things will long survive us and anything we choose to pursue of this world. 1 Cor. 9 – a hope that is incorruptible. We will also receive an eternal body – 1 Cor. 15:52.

If we exalt the corruptible over the incorruptible that is where the vultures will be, where the corpse is. They had a name that they were alive but they were dead – Rev. 3:1. Not all religion is alive. Sardis was once alive but lost their focus.

2 Tim 1:10 – our message of life. We are alive when each of us individually determines I am going to be faithful to God. I will be excited about assemblies and about living a life of service. We cannot rest on what we were. Each day is a new day. We have to continue to strive. Sardis was once alive and went the wrong way. We cannot grow content but have to challenge ourselves to be more like our Master. Be committed today and tomorrow, if the sun rises.

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