Give us a king

There are all sorts of problems that arise because of the human demands by the people for a king. The reality is God’s people already had everything they needed to thrive. They had the king they needed. The Lord’s hand was against the Philistines all the days of Samuel.

The story has not changed. 2 Pet 1 tells us we have all the things we need. What we need is what we already have. Now there are things we want but what we need is already with us. God has given us all things pertaining to life and godliness. If we’re turning somewhere else, we’re doing exactly what Israel did.

We need to see in this story the spiral of ungodliness, the spiral of sin. Samuel actually starts this downward spiral by appointing his sons as judges over the land and they are evil. This is just like Eli’s sons. So they want to set up something else, a king. Samuel refused to see the sins in his own sons, just like Eli. Samuel starts this downward spiral by not taking care of his home. Samuel is hard on the people, not so hard on himself. An example of poor leadership. So, as parents, are we willing to do the same thing, ignore the faults and sins of our children? We need to take care of things at home, take care as parents to ensure this does not happen in our home.

If you trust in princes, get used to disappointment. They turned from God and trusted in men. A new boss, a new spouse, whatever relationship you can think of, the answer to problems or turmoil is not in the new person, the answer is found in God.

The Israelites wanted to be like the world.

God is the one who gives hope. He should be our single priority in life - not A priority - THE priority. Let’s be about doing what God wants us to do.

Be warned - God often gives people what they want. Romans 1 , God gave them over to a depraved heart. If we’re bound and determined to do the wrong thing, God will let us. See how that works out for you.

Choose wisely who you exalt and who you hold up.

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